Greenpeace Extends its Sincere Condolences

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Feature story - January 28, 2011
Greenpeace is saddened by the death of Charles Bopelo who passed away last Wednesday 26th around 2 PM in Oshwe, Bandundu Province, following a wound infection. He was buried on January 27th Thursday at around 10 AM in Oshwe.

Greenpeace hereby extends its heartfelt condolences to the Bopelo family, the Bokongo group and the entire Oshwe community.

Charles Bopelo was one of the victims of the conflict between the Bokongo community and the logging company SODEFOR, a year ago. This conflict led to the arrest of 27 people. They were deported and jailed in Inongo, and were victims of violence. Greenpeace and some civil society organisations had accompanied those communities during this painful period.

“We are really saddened to learn the tragic death of this respectable person, who was also a member of the local committee for conservation and development in his village, said René NGONGO, Political Adviser for the Greenpeace Forest campaign in Democratic Republic of Congo.