Senegal cancels fishing licenses for 29 foreign trawlers

Our congratulations to the Fisheries Minister

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Feature story - May 4, 2012
An open letter of congratulations to the Senegalese Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, from Greenpeace Africa.

OLEG NAYDENOV, russian  fishing trawler boat transhipping frozen fish on BRAZILIAN LADY, reefer from BELIZE CITY, off the coast of Dakar

Dear Minister Diouf,

It is with joy that we learned of the Senegalese government's decision to cancel the fishing authorizations issued to 29 foreign pelagic trawlers in West African waters.

Allow us to congratulate you sincerely for this important decision that comes just in time, because the fisheries of Senegal deserve special attention from public authorities.

Indeed, for over 18 months, Greenpeace Africa, Senegalese fishermen and civil society, have been campaigning to cancel these permissions, stop overfishing in African waters and to develop viable alternatives to this disturbing question.

Our office in Senegal was privileged to meet with you on Wednesday, May 2nd, and share our position on the management of fisheries and specifically on the controversy surrounding the authorizations issued to these foreign vessels.

Greenpeace is calling for an end to illegal, unreported, unregulated fishing, and the elimination of destructive fishing practices. This will ensure sustainable stocks of marine life, a reduction in the size and number of foreign fleets allowed to fish in African waters, with a strengthening of the surveillance and control.

Our organization also advocates for the creation of a network of marine reserves in the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) and the implementation of sustainable fisheries policies that can guarantee jobs and food security for millions of West Africa.

Greenpeace urges the government of Senegal to continue this momentum and to declare an urgent moratorium on awarding any new fishing licenses and hopes that Senegal becomes a leader in stewardship of fisheries resources in the sub-region.

Assuring you of our readiness to support Senegal in this mission,

Greenpeace Africa