Photographer win's Prince's trust award

Feature story - April 17, 2009
Congratulations to one of the world's best photographers, Daniel Beltrá, who has often worked with us on forest and climate campaigns. He has just won the new Prince’s Rainforests Project Award at the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards.

Smoke rises from man made forest fires, lit to clear land for cattle or crops in the Amazon.

Smoke from man made forest fires to clear land for cattle or crops.

Daniel's pictures in the competition were taken while he was working on our campaigns in the Amazon and Indonesian rainforests.

In a video message at the awards night, in Cannes, France - HRH The Prince of Wales, said:

"Photographic imagery can tell a compelling story about the truth of the situation and, the truth is, if we lose the fight against tropical deforestation, then we lose the fight against climate change."

Daniel, a Spanish photographer now based in Seattle, beat stiff competition from some of the world's finest environmental photographers. Upon receiving the award he said:

"This award is a great honor and I am thankful to the Prince's Rainforest Project, Greenpeace and the Indigenous people whose help was invaluable. The greatest reward however would be if the photos alerted world leaders to the urgent need for forest protection. Rainforest's are being destroyed at an incredible rate and under horrible circumstances. This is a catastrophe, not only for those who call the forests home, but for the rest of civilization, which stands to lose both a natural wonder and a natural protection against dangerous climate change. It is imperative that heads of state meeting this December at the Copenhagen Climate Summit, understand the urgency of the situation; I hope my photos can help."

As the winner of this award Daniel will receive funding to photograph the rainforests of the world, and the impacts of deforestation. The resulting images will be exhibited globally, and will form part of a book highlighting the plight of the world's rainforests. We wish Daniel all the best of luck with this project and look forward to seeing more of his outstanding images!