Greenpeace Africa calls for a total ban on illegal logging

Press release - April 10, 2018

Nairobi, 10th March 2018: Responding to the news that several rogue loggers and some senior government officials are now using government vehicles to ferry timber illegally logged from different forests [1], Greenpeace Africa’s Senior Food for Life  Campaign Manager, Renee Olende has said:

“Greenpeace Africa is alarmed by these developments. There is an evident lack of goodwill in implementing the existing 90 days ban [2] on illegal logging especially because authorities incharge of implementation seem to have been compromised. The government should put in place measures that ensure full enforcement of the ban in the short term. More importantly, national government should put a total ban on logging in all the community and gazetted forests.

“As a long term solution the government should work to foster collaborative relations with communities living near the forests as well as environmental protection agencies and activists instead of resorting to unsustainable solutions - such as CCTV camera monitoring. Furthermore, resources need to be allocated towards public awareness campaigns focusing on taking care of our environment. Greenpeace Africa stands with local and indigenous communities to protect the forest against illegal logging which takes away their livelihoods.”

Notes to the Editor:

[1] Kenya’s forest cover is below the 10% minimum recommended. Forests serve as water catchments areas and play a significant role in regulating the climatic conditions of an area.

[2] In February this year, the government suspended logging for 90 days and warned millers who harvest trees beyond the required quarters saying that drastic measures like revoking their licenses will be applied.

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