Greenpeace reaction following the plastic bag ban in Senegal

Press release - January 21, 2016
Following the ban of certain type of plastique bags in Senegal, Marie Suzanne Traoré, Ocean Campaigner for Greenpeace Africa, declares:


" We think this decision is a significant step towards the fight against plastic waste in Senegal. Plastic bags cause numerous environmental and health issues; they are a threat for humans as well as for terrestrial animals like ruminant, who accidentally ingest them, or for birds and marine species like turtles, cetaceans or tuna who can get ensnared and die.

These plastics can as well be ingested by some fish species, and find their way into our plates, which is a real threat to human health. If burnt, they emit dioxins, harmful and carcinogenic fumes. This is aggravated by the fact that these plastics can stay around for tree centuries.

To put an end to the use of the plastic bags mentioned by the recent law in Senegal, an awareness campaign must be launched in order to change people’s behavior. Alternative solutions have to be proposed, less polluting, more sustainable, accessible and adapted to the Senegalese way of life." 

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Bakary Coulibaly, Communications officer, Oceans Campaign, Greenpeace Africa, email :  Cell : +221773336265