Jeff Radebe, will Monday be it? - Greenpeace Africa

Press release - August 24, 2018
24 August 2018, Johannesburg -- Responding to reports that South Africa’s new electricity plan (the IRP) has been approved by cabinet and will be released for a ‘short consultation period’ on Monday, Greenpeace Africa has said:

“The importance of the country’s new electricity plan cannot be underestimated: it will create policy certainty and determine our future direction for decades to come. The last time the IRP was finalised was in 2011, which means our current electricity plan is completely out of date, and therefore completely useless.

Greenpeace Africa hopes that Minister Jeff Radebe is not at risk of being the latest Energy Minister who is unable to deliver the IRP.  We first heard that the deadline for the release of the IRP was mid-August, then it was changed to Friday the 24th of August, and it is now scheduled for Monday the 27th of August ‘at the latest’. We have waited long enough. So the real question now is: Jeff, will you deliver what you have promised, and will Monday finally be it?”

Contact details:

, Head of Communications, Greenpeace Africa, 0716881274 

Notes to the editor:

  1. Photos of Greenpeace public demand for IRP to be released

  2. The original timeline for the release of the IRP, as detailed by the Department of Energy