Kenya needs to diversity energy sources to reduce electricity cost

Press release - May 9, 2018

Nairobi, 9th May 2018 - A recent World Bank report indicates that high cost of electricity could derail efforts geared towards achieving universal electrification in Kenya. This report comes at a time when electricity consumers in Kenya are reeling through high electricity cost.

Reacting to the current energy situation, Greenpeace Africa’s Campaign Manager, Renee Olende has said:

“Kenya should move away from commissioning expensive projects such as the Lamu coal plant, which are funded with hefty loans. The government should rather diversify its energy sources and invest in affordable renewable energy solutions like solar and wind which the country can afford.

“It is important to ensure that all Kenyans have access to the current grid and benefit directly from investments in geothermal energy. Kenya can and should champion a renewable energy future, one in which we see increased access to cheap electricity and the decentralisation of energy production. Renewable energy is viable, safe, reliable, ready for implementation, and can be deployed on a large scale.

“There is no technological barrier to achieving a pathway to increasing renewable energy uptake. With the right political will, Kenya can produce sufficient electricity from renewable sources and export the surplus to neighbouring countries. With Kenya's abundance of renewable energy resources, the country could easily become the renewable energy leader in Africa. The government of Kenya must make the right choices now to create a better and cleaner future for all.

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