December 2012 Newsletter

The Kids Issue

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Publication - January 14, 2013
Thanks to the children and young people who shared their insights on why we need a better life!

In this issue:

1. Meet Tshepo Peele The Driving Force Behind the Volunteers
2. Volunteering for Greenpeace An Amazing Experience for Nazreen
3. How About A Christmas With A Difference: Think Green
4. A Journey Of Self Discovery With Greenpeace
5. Green Facts
6. Colour the picture

7. Draw A line To The Riddle
8. Women Lead the Way in Koudiadiene, Senegal
9. With Solar Energy, Yes We Can Save The Planet
10. My Very First Encounter With Greenpeace
11. Catch Them Young
12. Fun Puzzle
13. Rainbow Warrior Meet The Ship

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Greenpeace The Kids Issue