Member Newsletter, December 2014

Turning Passion Into Activism

Publication - December 9, 2014
A very warm welcome to this edition of the Greenpeace Africa Newsletter. Thank you to all of you who have started and/or continued this journey with us.

This year has seen us make new partnerships, friendships and even one man's brave adventure to take on the Last Desert Race in Antarctica. 

This made us both proud and honoured that there are people out there who realise the seriousness of the environmental threats that we face today, enough to physically get involved and give us a hand. Our activists and volunteers proved once again that environmental justice and conservation is not the sole responsibility of Greenpeace but the responsibility of each of us. Together we can bring about a change, that will see future generations enjoy planet Earth as we do now. 

Turning passion into activism was inspired by our diligent volunteer teams, and activists in Africa and abroard. This issue is about allowing your passion to lead you into taking action for the betterment of our environment.

Download issue here - Turning Passion Into Activism.