Greenpeace Africa Annual Report 2012

Celebrating 5 years in Africa

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Publication - June 19, 2013
In 2008, Greenpeace Africa (GPAf) was born out of a small office in Melville, Johannesburg; and since then it has grown to include three regions on this vast continent: South, Central and West. From a fledgling team of three, we now have a pool of over 60 people drawn from different parts of the world. Our corps of volunteers, supporters and donors has grown steadily and for that we want to say a hearty thank you to each of you for your continued involvement and dedication to the cause.

Feedback from supporters, activists, decision-makers and critics alike has shown that we are making some impact whether it is at the policy level or within communities. As a learning organisation we have also endeavoured to address some of the challenges that will be highlighted in this report.

In this annual report, we reflect on the achievements; draw lessons from some of the challenges; and share some insights on where Greenpeace Africa wants to be in the next five to ten years.

Greenpeace Annual Report Celebrating 5 Years 2012 Screen