Supporter Newsletter: The Forest Issue

Publication - October 4, 2010
Welcome to the Greenpeace Africa Supporter Newsletter for September 2010: the Forest Issue! In this edition, we look at the highlights of the Forest Campaign; one of Greenpeace Africa’s three campaigns.

Indeed, Congo’s forest is a lifeline for people, biodiversity and the climate. As Rene Ngongo our senior forest campaigner puts it, the forest is the spaza, the pharmacy and the mall for over 40 million Congolese that depend on the world’s second largest rainforest. This statement reflects the sentiments of our teams that are working at the frontline of change.

The “Forest Issue” takes you through the Greenpeace journey that started about twenty years ago when we began campaigning for the preservation of forests across the planet. In this incessant combat against the illegal and destructive exploitation of forests, the organization has amassed several victories against multinational companies which promote deforestation and the degradation of forests. This abuse of our forests gives rise to global warming, which the whole world censures, and marginalizes many families and communities that depend on the forests’ resources for their survival.

Supporter Newsletter September 2010: The Forest Issue