Why 2011 Could Change the World

And what it means for Africa

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Publication - December 6, 2010
This is it. All the basics about this round of climate talks in Cancun are covered in this 2-page pamphlet. Download it now!

Maybe you're not so sure what cop 16 means, or even what the international climate talks are about. Perhaps you're wondering why we should even worry about the international climate negotiations, given what happened in Copenhagen last year.

And for many people, climate change is difficult scientific concept to grasp.

If this sounds like you, we have what you've looking for.

To raise awareness about the current round of climate talks, and to help explain what they are all about, Greenpeace Africa has produced a short pamphlet. It explains what 'COP' means, and why Durban is going to be on everyone's lips come November next year. The pamphlet will also introduce you Greenpeace, and explain what we're all about.

Why 2011 Could Change the World