is selling the last of the Thiof!
Senegal's iconic fish species is severely threatened due to overfishing. Despite this, Casino supermarkets are still selling thiof, driving the species to the point of complete collapse.

We must act now to save the thiof before it's gone for good.

Tell Casino to stop selling Thiof before it’s too late  arrows
I want Casino to stop selling
the last of our Thiof!
Why Save the Thiof?

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Endangered Thiof on Sale!The thiof (white grouper) is an iconic fish species in Senegal, a fish that was once freely available for everyone to enjoy.
Today the species is severely threatened by overfishing and massive exports.
From 1990 to 1999, the number of mature thiof fish in West African waters plummeted by 42%. If left unchecked, the thiof will soon be fished to extinction.
To save the thiof, we urgently need to decrease the amount that is being pulled from the ocean. Save Thiof today so we can all enjoy it tomorrow.