International Online Campaigns Coordinator

Trabajo - 20 marzo, 2015





Job Description:

  • Area: Public Mobilization

  • Reports to: International New Media Coordinator

  • Length of position: 1 year (12 months)

  • Mission of the job: Design and execute communication and mobilization strategies for digital channels in the context of international campaigns, including writing key communication pieces for email and social media.

  • This position is located in the Greenpeace office in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Benefits include full medical coverage, flexible working hours, and generous leave policy in addition to 15 public holidays a year.

Main Areas of Responsibility:

1 - Web project management

  • Oversee the on-time, on-budget delivery of concrete web projects related to international campaigns, liaising with creative or digital agencies

  • Distribute the project materials and instructions to other NROs, provide or organize support as needed

  • Coordinate other project team members to collect analytics, reports, etc. and distribute to the international core project leaders.

2 - Copywriting

  • Act as primary copywriter for a variety of digital marketing materials, including but not limited to supporter emails, FR emails, website texts, and social media content.

3 - Social media

  • Manage Save the Arctic campaign social media channels, primarily Facebook and Twitter, with regular daily posts that serve the campaign objectives

  • Provide coverage for live events

  • Develop creative content outside main campaign pushes, including creative visuals

  • Propose new strategies and expand campaign social media reach to other channels

Person Specifications:

The following abilities and experiences are required for the job:

  • Native or near-native fluency in English

  • Advocacy writing experience (for instance campaign emails)

  • Expertise managing social media channels, especially larger pages with an audience of 100,000+

  • Excellent organizational skills and time management, reliability

  • Initiative to make new proposals and commitment to carry them out

  • Experience managing virtual teams in multiple timezones

  • Ability to communicate effectively with people from multiple cultural backgrounds and tailor communication to distinct audiences

Objectives and Expected Outcomes:

1 - Innovation

  • Stay up-to-date on new trends and developments in other NGOs

  • Test new developments

2 - Guarantee online presence

  • Ensure an efficient, interactive presence of GP online, using all the available statistics and reporting tools.

3 - Coordinate Public Mobilization teams at Andino and in other NROs

  • Distribute content, evaluate performance, provide support as required, and verify implementation strategies.

4 - Generate concrete proposals

  • Propose new strategies and tactics related to social media to the director of the area, and once approved ensure the implementation of the project

5 - Guarantee the function and correct copywriting of content pieces for mass distribution, as well as the effectiveness of communication to ensure the participation of existing cyberactivists and lead generation

  • Draft web materials (web page, blog, videos, mobile, emails, social media)

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