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Coal Dinosaurs on Life Support

Публикация | април 3, 2015 в 21:30

Report on the direct and indirect support that the state provides to the coal sector in Bulgaria

Lifting Europe’s Dark Cloud

Съобщение за печата | октомври 11, 2016 в 11:15

Effective emissions limits could save thousands of lives every year, yet more than half of coal power stations in Europe are operating with ‘permission to pollute’ above limits set in EU law.

International Coal Water Report

Публикация | март 22, 2016 в 5:00

The world’s rapidly dwindling freshwater resources could be further depleted if plans for hundreds of new coal power plants worldwide go ahead, threatening severe drought and competition, according to a new Greenpeace International report.

Europe's dark cloud

Публикация | юли 4, 2016 в 19:55

Coal pollution and its health impacts travel far beyond borders, and a full coal phase-out in the EU would bring enormous benefits for all citizens across the continent. That is according to a new report published by the Health and Environment...

The Suffocating Grip Of Coal

Публикация | март 11, 2014 в 16:37

Coal-fired electricity generation: (no) prospects

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