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Coal Dinosaurs on Life Support

Публикация | април 3, 2015 в 21:30

Report on the direct and indirect support that the state provides to the coal sector in Bulgaria

International Coal Water Report

Публикация | март 22, 2016 в 5:00

The world’s rapidly dwindling freshwater resources could be further depleted if plans for hundreds of new coal power plants worldwide go ahead, threatening severe drought and competition, according to a new Greenpeace International report.

Europe's dark cloud

Публикация | юли 4, 2016 в 19:55

Coal pollution and its health impacts travel far beyond borders, and a full coal phase-out in the EU would bring enormous benefits for all citizens across the continent. That is according to a new report published by the Health and Environment...

The Suffocating Grip Of Coal

Публикация | март 11, 2014 в 16:37

Coal-fired electricity generation: (no) prospects

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