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The Kinder Morgan pipeline

The pipeline company Kinder Morgan is proposing to build a new 1,150 km pipeline alongside its existing Transmountain pipeline between Strathcona County (near Edmonton), Alberta and Burnaby, BC. The new pipeline would increase the amount of crude oil carried from the current 300,000 barrels per day, to 890,000 barrels per day.

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Why oppose the Kinder Morgan pipeline?

Climate change.  The pipeline is a serious risk for us and future generations as it would fan the flames of climate change by increasing the production of high-carbon fuel sources.  Kinder Morgan would enable a huge expansion of tar sands extraction, adding millions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions at a time when we desperately need to cut back. The Kinder Morgan project would unlock the climate impacts of 2,700,000 million cars every year. It’s more than 4X BC’s entire carbon cuts to date in one project.

Respect for First Nations.  The Kinder Morgan pipeline is opposed by dozens of Indigenous groups, including all of the First Nations in the lower mainland of BC, who are worried about the risks of oil spills, threats to their economy, and the loss of traditional culture.

Protect the Salish Sea. Exporting the oil carried by this new pipeline would require 400 tankers a year to travel through the Salish Sea. A spill of this heavy, highly toxic tar sands oil in those waters would permanently damage coastal communities and wildlife, including resident orca and salmon populations.

Protect good jobs; 98,000 Jobs in Vancouver and 320,000 jobs in BC depend on a healthy coast. 43% of these would be jeopardized by a major spill.