New state was established in Brdy and it rejects radar on its territory

Tisková zpráva - 2 června, 2008
The region in which the building of the prospective American antimissile radar is no longer part of the Czech Republic. Today, the citizens of spot height 718 declared independence and announced a new state : Peaceland.

This week, Greenpeace will send official letters to leading Czech constitutial representatives informing them why they are making a new state. Greenpeace will also demand the end to radar proceedings as constitution bodies of the Czech Republic no longer have authority in Peaceland.

The reason for establishing an independent state is a response to the contradicting  global safety and Czech security, between the Czech government and the citizens of Peaceland. „We are convinced  that the whole project of national missile defense (NMD),  including locating one of the components on Czech territory,  brings within serious risks where on the top is standing global inbalance, rising international tension and the start of new nuclear armsrace. We don´t consider this missile defense project  the right tool to solve the serious  problem before us.“ said Jiří Tutter, Executive Director of Greenpeace and citizen of Peaceland.

Every citizen of the Czech Republic is welcome to become a citizen of Peaceland, as long as his or her beliefs align with those of the current constituency. Additionally, citizenship will be automatically offered to all who participated in (1). Any others may apply for identification card, as some local residents already have done. Peaceland has already established definite borders (2), its own state  symbols, including a flag and tree,  and has declared total state sovereignty.

„The decision to establish an independent state was made after 36 days of public protest against the Czech government and its position on radar. We do not  want to divide our country as the rebels of the south in 19th century America,  but we choose not to allow the Czech government to break our will.  We deem these drastic steps necessary because the Czech government refuses to acknowledge the risks associated with the project.  Further, the body politic ignores the very people who brought them to office, which is ostensibly not the job of an elected politicum. „ said Jiři Tutter

Citizens of Peaceland feel sympathy and goodwill toward the Czech Republic.They hope that their chasm of beliefs with the Czech government will be bridged by communication in hopes that both states will unite as one in the near future.


More informations about a new state Peaceland you will find on oficial website

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