Download Your DIY Photo Kit


Stránka - 28 března, 2013
People all over the world and from all walks of life are coming together to show their love for the Arctic -- and now's your chance to join in!

Together we will draw a line in the ice and demand protection of the Arctic from oil drilling, and all industrial activities that put this fragile and precious environment at risk.

From Buenos Aires to Bangkok and from Berlin to Bloemfontein we'll join in the call for a global sanctuary at the top of the world. We know that what happens in the Arctic affects us all - that’s why we're taking joint action in more than 30 countries across the globe.

If you are unable to join our massive human banner in Jozi, then this DIY Arctic photo kit is everything you need.

1. Download this pdf file and save it to your computer.
2. Print it out on A3-sized (recycled) paper in a copy shop, grab a pair of scissors,
some glue, and an old cardboard box and build your own "I ♥ ARCTIC" speech bubble!
3. Get snapping! Take your bubble to school, your office, or to your mate's braai and photograph friends and family holding up the speech bubble.
4. Share photos online!

  • Post your photo on our ‘Save The Arctic’ Facebook page at -- you'll find your photo in the section ‘Recent Posts by Others on Save The Arctic’. You might need to re-load the page before you see your photo online.
  • Post your pics on Instagram or share them on twitter, just be sure to tage them with #ilovearctic and your city name (#CapeTown, for example).

Email if you have and questions, or just want to chat about your project.

Good luck and have fun!