Stop 'Fracking' in the Karoo

Email the Decision Makers

Stránka - 9 března, 2011
Speak out about shale gas exploration in the Karoo. Send emails to PASA and the Department of Environmental Affairs.

We have prepared to different sample emails, depending on who you would like to get in contact with. Please change or add to the text as you see fit -- think of these as starting points, a few ideas to help your email along.

Simply copy and paste the text below into an email, and send it to the relevant body. We have also included the email addresses you'll need, and a suggested subject line, in each of the text boxes below.

Thanks for taking action!

Send an email to PASA

To send an email to the Petroleum agency of South Africa (PASA), copy and paste this text into an email:


Send an email to the Department of Water and Environmental Affairs

Copy and paste this text into an email: