Detox Now!

To the CEOs of Nike and Adidas:
"If impossible is nothing, then work together with your suppliers to eliminate all toxic chemicals from your supply chain and products. You need to reveal and take responsibility for the hazardous chemicals used and released into the environment during your production processes. The world needs champions for a toxic-free future. JUST DO IT."

Detox Success #1: Puma has stepped up to the challenge, dropping toxics -- and leaving Nike and Adidas in its dust!


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As much as 70 percent of China's rivers, lakes and reservoirs are affected by water pollution, and the clothing industry is making it worse by pouring hazardous chemicals into the mix.

Our brand choices give industry leaders like Nike and Adidas power. Now, we need them to use that power for good and help champion a toxic-free future. By working with their suppliers to eliminate the use and release of all hazardous chemicals in their supply chains and products, these brands can detox our sportswear, detox our water, and detox our future.

Nike is the first company to publicly take up the Detox Challenge, claiming it aspires to the same goal of a toxic-free future. The question now is, who will be first amongst Nike, Adidas and other would-be champions to turn these words into action.

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