Facebook 'Unfriend' Coal Activity

It's Africa's chance to take part!

Stránka - 7 března, 2011
By now you've probably heard of our campaign to get facebook to 'unfriend' coal. Well now it's Africa's turn to play a part in the push, so we've come up with a cool activity, and we'd love you to take part!

Our campaign against facebook's use of coal is definitely getting facebook's attention. But we want to make sure that Mark Zuckerburg realises that it's not only Americans and Europeans who think that coal sucks; people around the whole world are calling for an end to facebook's coal use.

Now this is where you come in.

We are looking for 30 people from around Africa to take part in making a photo montage telling facebook to ditch coal.

Sign up on this page, and we'll add you onto our list of participants.

Unfriend Coal Facebook Activity

An example of the type of photo we'd like you to take. Make sure that the letter on your page is clearly visible in the photo.

We'll then email a page for you to print out. The idea is that you'll then take the page and have a photo taken of you holding it up. It would be awesome if you could have a famous landmark or something like that in the background (like part of Table Mountain for example) -- we want it to be clear that the photos have been taken in Africa.

After taking your photo, you can then email it back to us, and we'll 'stitch' all the different images together to make one big photo-montage!

We'll put the images up on our website and also post it on facebook, making sure that Mark Zuckerberg and all his friends know how much we'd love them to ditch dirty coal power.

If this sounds like something you'd like to be involved in, sign up here! Once you've signed-up we'll then send you all the information you need, and go into more detail explaining the activity.

Thanks for taking part, and don't forget to join our 'unfriend coal' group on Facebook!