Detox the Future

Detox Timeline:

October 24 2012

British clothing giant, Marks & Spencer, has committed to eliminate all releases of hazardous chemicals throughout their entire supply chain and products by 2020. As part of its commitment M&S has taken an important step to phase out all perfluorocarbons (PFCs) by no later than July 1st 2016, acknowledging that the entire chemical group – which makes clothing stain and water resistant – is hazardous. Read more...

M&S Commits to Detox

March 20 2012

Global fashion brands are turning us into unwitting polluters. This is what we discovered in our latest research conducted on clothing and sportswear produced by big companies including Abercrombie & Fitch, Ralph Lauren and G-Star.

INFOGRAPHIC: Where clothing is manufactured and sold/washed

March 15 2012

#PeoplePower = winning!
To mark World Consumer Rights Day we launched a video in the style of Songify The News, and an action page where people can join in. There's an Instagram photo video project, teaching materials, tweets and more.

Detox our Water

February 8 2012

With the companies still working out the best way to trun their words into concrete actions on the road towards toxic-free production, we kindly prepared a step-by-step Detox plan to help them - and all fashion brands - to quit their toxic addiction for good.

Detox the Future

January 11 2012

Our Detox campaign is making waves in the Philippines, Greenpeace toxic campaigner Beau Baconguis reports, as Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago filed a bill against toxic pollutants, acknowledging the role played by Greenpeace’s Detox challenge and our supporters. #PeoplePower = winning!

Detox our Water

December 15 2011

Martin Hojsik, Head of the Detox campaign, asks the EU to join our Detox challenge and help phase out hormone disruptor Octylphenol, which is still being used in textile manufacturing.

November 21 2011

Two new big players join the Detox challenge! Fast-fashion retailer C&A and China’s biggest sportswear company, Li-Ning, commit to eliminating all hazardous chemicals from their products and production processes by 2020.
C&A Li-Ning
C&A and Li-Ning also team up with Adidas, Nike, Puma and H&M to launch a Joint Roadmap designed to tackle the toxic pollution caused by the fashion industry.

October 25 2011

H&M published a detailed version of their Restricted Substance List on their website for the first time. Although a small step, it represents the beginning of a transparency revolution that is set to sweep the fashion sector, providing local communities, journalists and officials with the information they need to ensure that the local water supplies are not turned into public sewers for industry.


September 20 2011

Global #PeoplePower pushes H&M to take a big step down the toxic-free runway! Thanks to a torrent of Tweets, Facebook posts and Detox sticker actions, H&M pledges to publish information about chemicals released from the factories of its suppliers and to eliminate the use and release of all hazardous chemicals from its supply chain by 2020. With our fashion heavyweights down for the challenge, who’ll be the next Detox champion?


September 15 2011

H&M gets rebranded by Greenpeace activists and supporters in twelve countries, including China, France, Germany and Sweden. See how we pasted massive “DETOX our water” and “DETOX the future” stickers onto local H&M shop windows!


View Rebranding H&M Stores in a larger map 

September 13 2011

Just nine weeks into the Detox challenge, and already Adidas, Nike and Puma, the world’s three biggest sportswear brands, have made transformational commitments to eliminate discharges of hazardous chemicals across all their product lifecycles by 2020.

Yet H&M, the largest clothing company in our Dirty Laundry and Dirty Laundry 2 reports, hasn’t come clean about its closeted links to water-polluting suppliers in China. Time to make H&M fashion-forward and toxic-free!

Toxic is so last season

August 31 2011

It’s a hat trick! Adidas just announced it will be toxic-free by 2020! Thanks to global #PeoplePower and concerned brand fans, the sportswear giant accepted our Detox challenge and joins Nike and Puma on the journey towards a toxic-free future.


August 23 2011

Greenpeace follows up the Dirty Laundry report with new research that reveals how major clothing brands use nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), which subsequently break down to form toxic substances, in their manufacturing cycle.

There’s a good chance that the clothes you're wearing contain NPEs, which will break down in water to form nonylphenol (NP) - a toxic, persistent and hormone-disrupting chemical. Have a look at clothing and the global toxic cycle:

clothing toxic cycle

Will Adidas break the toxic chain and join Nike and Puma as champions of a toxic-free future?

August 19 2011

Greenpeace activists and supporters in cities around the world give Adidas an extra push by rebranding its shop windows and doors with huge ‘Detox’ stickers #PeoplePower


August 17 2011

You scored again! Nike joins Puma and accepts our Detox challenge, pledging to phase out all hazardous chemicals across its entire supply chain, and the entire lifecycle of its products by 2020. Will Adidas also step up to the plate?


August 12 2011

The Detox challenge storms Shanghai for the aptly ‘water protection’-themed Zebra Music Festival. Thousands of people join the cause and proudly show off their Detox tattoos!

August 11 2011

50,000 people have signed our petition so far and joined the Detox revolution. In Hong Kong, our exhibition brought the message to the streets where passers-by took a moment to write down their Detox demands.

detox petition

August 2 2011

Greenpeace launches a design competition giving everyone the chance to redesign the Nike and Adidas logos to better reflect their truly toxic practices and challenge them to become champions of a toxic-free future. Kai Giussepin’s powerful illustration was the people’s favourite.


July 28 2011

Greenpeace asks supporters to take the Detox challenge to the Twitterverse, get creative with page design and show big brands like Nike and Adidas that there’s no team like the people’s team. Check out the results:

Adidas Nike

July 26 2011

Thanks to global people #PeoplePower, the first win for a toxic-free future comes less than two weeks after the ‘Detox’ challenge kicked off! Puma leaps ahead of Nike and Adidas and publicly commits to eliminate all hazardous chemicals from its product lifecycle by 2020 and begins to race towards transformational change in the sector.

July 23 2011

Meanwhile, 33 people show off their ‘Detox’ tattoos and drop their clothes in Chatuchak market, Bangkok.

Detox striptease

They join more than 600 people taking part in the world's largest coordinated striptease outside of Adidas and Nike stores around the globe to challenge the global sportswear manufacturers to become champions of a toxic-free future.


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July 15 2011

The XM3N, retail mannequins who’ve had it with their day jobs, join the ‘Detox’ challenge and appear in iconic locations in the world, wearing nothing but the Chinese symbol for water.

In the following days, XM3N pop up everywhere from Manila to Madrid and even help Greenpeace activists in Thailand to create a massive human 'Detox' banner on the banks of the Chao Phraya river.


July 13 2011

Greenpeace launches the Detox campaign, challenging Nike and Adidas to be the first clean water champions by teaming up with their suppliers and eliminating all toxic, persistent and hormone-disrupting chemicals from their products and production processes.


July 12 2011

After a year-long investigation, Greenpeace releases the ‘Dirty Laundry’ report, exposing hidden links between textile manufacturing facilities in China that discharge hazardous chemicals into the water, and international brands such as the sportswear giants Nike and Adidas.

See how we followed the toxic trail: from the pollution at the pipe, to factories that make our clothes, to the international clothing brands that have the power to change the system and Detox our future: