GMO Billboard Campaign launched

Press release - April 20, 2010
Brussels, Belgium — Greenpeace has responded to the European Commission’s controversial decision to authorise the Amflora genetically modified (GM) potato with a billboard campaign across Brussels.

Passerby looking at GMO poster in Brussels

The Amflora decision went against the will of EU member states, public opinion, and the advice of international medical experts such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the European Medicines Agency (EMEA), who stressed the vital importance of antibiotics affected by the potato’s genetic makeup.

Health Commissioner John Dalli and Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso are depicted as spoof chefs cooking up GM recipes for disaster. Barroso is consistently pushing a pro-GM agenda and even formally excluded the environment Commissioner from decision-making on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), concentrating all the power in the hands of health commissioner Dalli. Greenpeace is disappointed that Dalli’s first decision on the matter disregarded the health advice of the WHO and EMEA.

Greenpeace calls for a moratorium on the authorisation of GM crops until the current system is significantly strengthened. The EU’s 27 member states unanimously urged the Commission to do this in December 2008.

The billboards are a taste of things to come as Greenpeace turns the spotlight on the Commission and its indigestible pro-GMO agenda. Things will hot up next week when the GMO cookbook hits the streets.

Anti-GM actions have been taking place across Europe in the last few weeks, united by a pan-European bus tour. To find out more, read the web story.

A European-wide petition calling for a moratorium on GM crop development has passed 500,000 signatures within a month.

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