German manoeuvring succeeds in blocking deal on EU car CO2 standards

Press release - June 27, 2013
Brussels - The German government has succeeded in delaying the approval of an EU agreement on CO2 emission standards for cars reached on Monday. Following the personal intervention of German chancellor Angela Merkel late on Wednesday night, a vote on the deal by EU country representatives scheduled for today was instead struck off the agenda at the last minute and postponed.


Greenpeace EU transport policy director Franziska Achterberg said: "The German government is hell-bent on diluting car efficiency standards beyond recognition. Chancellor Merkel has shown that she’s not afraid to hijack democratic processes and bully other governments to pamper a few high-end car-makers. But these car-makers are flush and well able to meet the targets. Any further weakening would be pure greed, while European drivers foot the bill, whatever car they drive."

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