Greenpeace welcomes Commission probe into UK support for Hinkley nuclear power plant

Press release - December 18, 2013
Brussels – The European Commission has today announced it is launching an in-depth investigation into potentially illegal state aid schemes for a new nuclear plant in the UK, known as Hinkley C.


Commenting on the announcement, Greenpeace EU energy policy adviser Frederic Thoma said: “We welcome the Commission’s probe into controversial plans by the UK government to build new nuclear reactors with large amounts of public support. The UK government wants to guarantee Hinkley can sell electricity for 35 years at almost twice the current wholesale price. This would be an extraordinary and unjustified distortion of the energy market. Hinkley would mean higher energy bills for generations of consumers and threaten investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency, just as these technologies are beginning to compete with other risky and polluting energies.”


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