Briefing paper on the European Commission ‘Copenhagen communication’

Publication - January 27, 2009
On 28 January 2009, the European Commission will present its ‘Copenhagen communication.’ This communication puts forward proposals ahead of international climate negotiations in Copenhagen in December. It is expected to focus on how to reduce emissions worldwide and how to generate a flow of climate funds from the European Union and other industrialised countries to developing nations. The overall ambition of global emission reductions will depend heavily on the adequacy and credibility of this funding. After a final agreement by EU member states (expected in March), the measures will demonstrate to the world the degree of Europe’s commitment and leadership in the global effort to prevent dangerous climate change, end deforestation and support clean energy. In this briefing paper Greenpeace presents a first analysis of the Commission proposal and recommendations on how to strengthen its environmental effectiveness and climate ambition, in particular on financial assistance for the transition to a clean energy economy in developing countries, and on forest protection measures.

Author: Joris den Blanken & Sebastien Risso

Num. pages: 4