Yellow card! 2009 Swedish EU Presidency checklist

Publication - June 25, 2009
The boots are on and the referee is about to blow the whistle: the Swedish Presidency is almost underway. But before the game has even started, Greenpeace has ranked the Swedish government for its performance in the lead up to this crucial moment. We have judged the country’s readiness to undertake the tasks at hand in the most important environmental issues on the EU agenda during the second half of 2009. We also rank the Swedish government’s track record at home for the same topics.

Yellow card Reinfeldt!

Executive summary: The Swedish Presidency gets a yellow card for playing dangerously in a number of areas, including climate policy, fisheries policy and policies on chemicals. It gets a red card for its attitude towards genetically modified organisms. Overall, the Swedish government gets a yellow card and a warning: for a successful Presidency, Sweden must push harder on the environmental flank.

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