EU Energy [R]evolution - Towards a fully renewable energy supply in the EU27

Publication - July 8, 2010
The energy debate has moved to the top of the agenda across the social, political and economic spectrum. Energy is the lifeblood of the economy, but Europe’s current energy model fails to guarantee a secure, sustainable and affordable supply into the future. Insecure and expensive fuel supplies, persistent safety risks and the urgent threat of climate change call for an Energy [R]evolution.

Author: Greenpeace and EREC

Executive summary: Moving towards 100% renewable energy in Europe

Europe’s energy policy is at a crossroads. Many of its power stations are nearing the end of their working lives and its infrastructure is aging. Important issues are at stake; energy security, stability of supply, growing demand, the employment of thousands and the urgent need to cut emissions and head off climate change. But an answer is within reach: energy savings and renewable energy, with zero fuel costs, zero reliance on scarce resources, and zero climate damaging emissions, is an increasingly attractive option.

This study shows that investing in green energy will nudge up the cost of electricity in the short to medium term. But it will save trillions of Euros in fuel costs alone from 2030 and represents an immediate investment in jobs and energy security.

It presents a revolution that will give Europe a global competitive advantage and act as a beacon to other regions looking to steer a course away from the dangerous climate change approaching from the horizon. The revolution is feasible, as calculations done by the Systems Analysis and Technology Assessment department of the German Aerospace Center show. But it is going to rely on supportive policies at European and member state level.

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