Battle of the Grids

Publication - January 18, 2011
A 32 page report outlining how Europe could switch to 100 percent renewables power and phase out dirty energy.

Battle of the Grids

The energy and transport systems that power the industrialised world are fuelling dangerous climate change. Extreme weather, decline in agricultural production and sea-level rise will be felt by everyone, rich and poor. We can avert the worst impacts, but only if we rethink our energy system.

Today, Europe’s electricity grid is characterised by big, polluting power stations pumping out constant energy, regardless of consumer need, along a wasteful, aging A/C (alternating current) network. The patchwork of national grids stitched together over the years is an uncomfortable, uneconomical fit. Climate policy and consumer demand are hurtling us towards a smarter, more efficient Europe-wide grid that is already opening up vast new technological, business and consumer opportunities. Such a grid could guarantee supply despite extreme weather conditions, delivering green energy around Europe via efficient, largely below ground DC (direct current) cables. However, the report’s title, Battle of the Grids, hints at the fact that we are at a political crossroads.