Three months to phase-out overfishing

Briefing on upcoming decisions on 2015/2016 fishing limits

Publication - October 10, 2014
As usual for this time of year, EU fisheries ministers are about to start haggling over fishing limits. Starting next week, the Fisheries Council will be deciding on the total allowable catches for most fish stocks in European waters for 2015/2016.

Small-scale fishermen in Trapany, Sicily. Greenpeace has been campaigning for a Common Fisheries Policy reform (CFP), which entered into force in January 2014. The goal of this reformed Common Fisheries Policy is to end overfishing, reduce fishing capacity and support small-scale and low-impact fisheries.

This year’s decisions will be more important than ever before. For the first time, the decision on total allowable catches will fall under the new Common Fisheries Policy. This means that fisheries ministers must end overfishing by 2015.

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