Renewable energy: untapped fuel for Mediterranean economies

Publication - November 10, 2015
Despite being the sunniest region in Europe and having huge renewable potential, many Mediterranean countries overlook renewable energy in their struggle with debt, a stagnating economy and unemployment.

Banner hanging from a bridge in Crete, Greece: "solar power - bridge to the future".

Four new reports commissioned by Greenpeace show how Croatia, Greece, Italy and Spain can start an energy revolution by investing into local small-scale renewable energy projects and energy savings. This energy revolution can guarantee significant energy savings for the consumer, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, secure energy supplies and create thousands of jobs.

The transition to an economy based on renewables is technically possible and economically sound.

Such transition will be more efficient and beneficial if it enables citizens to get involved and invest locally. For instance, by participating in solar power projects in local communities, economic benefits can be directly transferred to households, schools, public buildings and hotels.

By delivering savings for the consumer and overall economic benefits, renewables can be a solution for struggling economies and high unemployment in Southern Europe: renewable energies could create an additional 46.1 million jobs worldwide by 2030.

Solar reports - GP EU media briefing - FINAL PDF