Plan Bee - Living without pesticides

Europe-wide study proves ecological farming is the solution for global pollinators and agriculture crisis

Publication - May 7, 2014
This study incorporates current scientific knowledge on ecological farming and the practical experience of farmers, scientists and eco-entrepreneurs championing modern ecological agriculture across Europe.

The Greenpeace report shows that the implementation of ecological farming practices is feasible and in fact the only solution to the ever increasing problems associated with industrial agriculture.

To illustrate ecological farming in practice, Greenpeace has produced a number of video case studies highlighting the experiences of farmers, scientists and research institutes as well as companies from 10 European countries. These experts champion modern ecological farming and prove that ecological farming techniques are practised successfully across Europe.

The report also reviews scientific studies on ecological farming practices which allow farmers to prevent pests, without using pesticides. Research and existing ecological farming practices confirm that we don’t need pesticides to produce healthy food.

Video interviews and case studies:

Plan Bee - Report