There is a home that warms the hearts of underprivileged girls. You can warm their building.

σελίδα - 24 Μαΐου, 2013

The Shelter ‘Aghios Alexandros’ is a home for young, orphaned and abused young girls.

Although the administration does everything in their power to make sure these young girls receive the best possible care and have a new family, there is one thing they can not provide: proper heating.

Most of the times, the young girls do their homework, play and sleep in very cold rooms. The Shelter’s administration finds it impossible to come up with more than 10.000 euros that are needed each year to buy the necessary oil to ensure adequate heating.

We have decided to change that.

We plan to install solar panels to cover for the electricity needs of a central heat pump system that will meet the building’s heating demands. The aim is to succeed zero heating cost and save precious resources to be used on what is really important.

But this is not just about the Shelter.

The past 6 years we have seen energy bills rise and energy poverty becoming a reality for hundreds of thousands of Greek families. Just last year, more than 1.5 million families could not afford to use central heating. 

We want to make a big public case to show our leaders this is what they should do: help people retrofit their houses and kick-start a decentralized economic recovery for Greece. It’s cost efficient and smart. A feasible solution that maximizes benefits for the economy while protecting our environment and climate.