Air Pollution, it’s time we make it a personal war!

Page - November 21, 2016

Delhi saw some insane statistics on Air Pollution chart three weeks ago. The Smog set in and there was panic. Educational institutions were closed, people were asked to work from home, commute was kept to minimum. But, Diwali saw the burning of crackers despite the smog….  None seem to say a word. End of story?

Three days ago, newspapers ran stories1 on a recent report by Global Burden of Diseases2. Finally India has overtaken China. Good News? India has overtaken China in the number of deaths due to Air Pollution on a daily basis. As per the report, on an average India witnesses more than two deaths every minute2 due to air pollution.

Isn’t that scary? The statistics are definitely scary, but even scarier is the fact that nobody is doing anything about it! Our question is, is air pollution affecting you at all? Is it affecting you enough that you really want to take some action? Do you think you can voice your opinion on this? Lets spread the word. Let your family and friends know what you think. Let everybody in the world know what you are going through, thanks to Air Pollution! Lets make this a personal issue, lets create the required awareness.

Take Action: 

All you have to do is, take a selfie, a self video or even a Group video not exceeding 60 seconds, talking about your opinion on air pollution, how it’s affecting you? Please share this on your personal social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) profile. Tag as many social media friends as possible so that they are also inspired to do the same.

Please tag @GreenpeaceIndia and use the hashtag #SolutionNotPollution

Here is a sample video on how you could do your ‘self video’. Its simple.

Whether or not you’re a selfie pro, check out some quick tips from us for maximum pushback on air pollution:


  1. Put the camera on your mobile / tab / laptop on selfie mode
  2. Point the camera at yourself (your face should be clearly visible)
  3. Very important: Hold the camera horizontal 
  4. Try and find a place without background noise that might drown out your voice.
  5. Select the video button, Click record, Start talking
  6. If needed, introduce yourself (only name and place please, the entire video should be <60 secs)
  7. Start with – ‘Air Pollution affects me…..’ and continue with your opinion
  8. After you finish talking, stop recording
  9. Check the video for accuracy (in case you need to flip it or so)
  10. Share it on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc)
  11. Very Important: Tag us on @GreenpeaceIndia and remember to use the hashtag #SolutionNotPollution

And you have been a role model for the rest of the netizens!

Similarly, you can also take a Selfie with the message.


  1. Take a selfie/selvie at a crowded/noisy place
  2. Point the camera too close to face
  3. Laugh while talking

Here is a sample selfie for you. 

All you need to do is:

  1. Write the message on A4 size paper using dark ink to make it stand out
  2. Keep the sheet next to you (on a table or stick it on a wall etc)
  3. Take a selfie with the message
  4. Let your face and message be clearly visible
  5. Share it on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) with your opinion on Air Pollution
  6. Start your text with - ‘Air Pollution affects me…..’
  7. Very Important: Tag us on @GreenpeaceIndia and remember to use the hashtag #SolutionNotPollution

And you are a role model Netizen

If you feel strongly about air pollution then you must sign a petition - 'Breathing clean air is our right'. Sign petition here.

For further assistance please email us on