1. Solar power is cheaper than power from a new coal plant. So there is no need for new coal powerplants

I see

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2. Solar expansion will disrupt coal power! The competition of solar power is so high that it could disrupt  traditional generators. The disruptive force is expected to start being felt from 2017 and may accelerate post 2020.

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3.India has more than enough coal power plants. Yet, India added nearly 115,000 MW of coal-based capacity over 7 years. So in actuality, supply became more than demand. Hence, the efficiency of  the existing coal power plants dropped to an all time low of 60%.


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4.India’s largest coal miners and power producers are moving to clean energy
Coal India Limited, one of the world’s biggest coal mining companies in the world has said - Time has come to explore viable diversification plans to enter into the renewable energy sector to become more competitive in the market.

how odd

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5. Other states like UP, Gujarat and Odisha have already started cancelling coal power plants -  India has cancelled plans to build nearly 14,000 MW of coal-fired power stations.


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6.  Thermal power plants contribute to 90% of the industrial emissions  in terms of PM10, PM2.5, SO2 and NOx - According to Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB),

Not possible!

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Despite knowing facts, many coal power companies will run after coal power. They believe that you don't care enough to stop India going after coal power.

But you have the power to solarise India!



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Grace Saji is a part of the Digital Engagement Team at Greenpeace India