1. Get paid 

money money money
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Sell some of that electricity and get credited!1 If you haven’t already heard about net metering, voila! Get your solar rooftop system connected to the main grid.  If you end up using lesser power than is generated by your solar rooftop system, all the extra power gets fed into the main power grid and get paid.


2. Freeze that electricity bill for the next 25 years. 

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No kidding, getting solar on your rooftop can be quite an economic investment! Going solar means guaranteed 10% to 40% savings on your electricity bills2


3. You will have created more jobs in the renewable energy sector

 I got a job

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Yes! Imagine all those new job openings India will have created for its people because you started the solar rooftop demand.


4. You could be that environment hero

You will have personally helped India reach its ambitious solar goals of 100 GW by 2022. Let Trump pull out of the Paris Agreement all he wants, you’re the boss of energy revolution. Go solar!


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