Green canopies around the world are facing serious environmental threat. If not protected in time, we could risk losing a huge chunk of the forest cover at an alarming rate.

Five forests face growing risk. Find out below:

1. Mahan, Madhya Pradesh, India

Mahan's Forests

One of the oldest sal forests in Asia is under threat. Mahan boasts of unique varieties of flora and fauna. Endangered wildlife, over 5 lakh trees, 15000 people - all in danger from mining and deforestation. The forests in Mahan need your help urgently. Livelihoods and biodiversity at risk. This World Environment day, find your powers and take action to protect India's ecology

Find out how you can help save Mahan forests:

2. Indonesian rainforest

Indonesian forest

Home of the Sumatran tigers! It is also home to 10 to 15 percent of all known species of plants, animals and birds.

Threat: illegal logging leading to massive deforestation, posing all the species at a huge risk

Fun fact: These rainforests have the world's second highest level of biodiversity (after Brazil).

3. Amazon rainforest

Amazon forest

Presenting the largest rainforest on our planet!

The jaguar, the pink river dolphin, the sloth, the world's largest flower, a monkey the size of a toothbrush and a spider the size of a baseball are just a few of the species that we know about - there are many more yet to be discovered.

It is also home to over 20 million people including hundreds of indigenous peoples, some of which have never been contacted by the 'outside world'.

But, today the Amazon is battling deforestation and climate change

Fun fact about the Amazon:

There are no bridges that cross the Amazon, mostly because there is no need, the majority of the Amazon River runs through rainforests rather than roads or cities.

4. Congo basin, Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa

Congo basin

The second largest rainforest on Earth after Amazon! In Africa, 40 million people depend on the Congo Basin rainforest. They're fed by it, housed by it, clothed by it and even healed by it. The rain forest is also home for 270 species of mammals, including the endangered gorilla, the chimpanzee and the bonobo, as well as 39 unique species of animals that are only found here.

Fun fact: 5 of the national parks in Congo rainforest are UN world heritage sites!

5. Tasmanian rainforests

Tasmanian rainforest

Tasmanian rainforest contains some of the most ancient species of Australia's flora. Many of their ancestors once grew in Antarctica, Africa, South America and New Zealand, when these continents were joined together as a landmass called Gondwana.

Threat: revoking the UN World Heritage status of 74,000 hectares of Tasmania's native forests has begun.



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Ruhie Kumar works in the content team at Greenpeace India