"I always wanted to explore the world on my own terms but I had never had a chance to do it! Finally, when I became a part of Greenpeace, I could quentch my thirst for knowledge and be able to work for environment protection.

When presented with the opportunity to go to Kedia and be a part of the volunteer camp, I could not help but jump aboard it. After two adventurous days of train travel, I along with my friends were welcomed at the nature's paradise in Tarumithra Ashram. I met the rest of my camp mates from different states, different backgrounds and fields of study and work.
I've been learning so much ever since.

I am a social work student and I love knowing about peoples' experiences, working with different communities and learning something as new as ecological agriculture. Ecological agricultural practices are the need of the hour and one doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to know that. It is a wholesome solution to the pressing issue of agricultural crisis in the country.

In order to learn more about this, I wanted to visit the Kedia model, a model of ecological solutions in the country. Kedia village rests in the lap of Jamui district. The village people are beautiful, charming and hospitable. Even though I did have difficulties in conversing with them due to language issues, the Greenpeace camp coordinators made sure that I as well as the villagers were comfortable. They made sure that information was communiacted properly on both sides.

Such has been the success of the cultural and knowledge exchange, that I have learnt much more about ecological farming, vermi-composing, the use of cold storage facilities and food watse management, than I ever did before. And even though there is a long way to go, I am glad that I have been a witness to the Kedia testimony!" - Kirtana on the first impressions in Kedia.

"It was my first experience of working in a rice plantation, and my first step into it was a great fall into the mucky field. But it was FUN! I looked like a big ball of mud. Most of our efforts on the field, while we were sowing, went into balancing ourselves in that field. Falling here and there made us realise that maybe farming isn't as easy as it seems to us, who have comfortable access to food consumption than its production.

The back ache that I still have keeps reminding me of the great amount of hard work that the farmers put into cultivating crops, tirelessly working whether under the hot blazing sun or heavy rains. The experience of actually working on a field has surely helped us realise the value of each and every grain of food that we are served on a 'silver platter'." - Aditi Kelshekar on the sowing session in Kedia.

"I am grateful to be a part of the volunteer camp in the Kedia village. The camp is about learning ecological farming practices in the village. I have been a witness to the ecological cultivation practices in the village and was in fact involed in the sowing process. Let me tell you about my experiences.

Before stepping into the land, I hesitated a bit and was reluctunt to get down. Yet, I mustered courage and I took the leap. I am not sure if I can express the feeling in concrete words as it can only be experienced by one ownself, yet I will try. While I was sowing crops in the evening, it started to rain and it was a wonderful experience. One would wonder why. It was not just because I could get wet and play around in the mud while working but also because I felt closer to nature. I hope that I keep learning and keep contributing to the wonderful land and soil of Kedia." - Nithin on the first sowing experience in Kedia.


Kirtana, Aditi and Nithin are volunteers with Greenpeace India.