RE Fair at the Press Enclave

My experience at the Greenpeace renewable energy fair was very interesting. Everyone needs to be sensitized to such things directly affecting our environment. Delhi is not using renewable energy anywhere and this cause certainly needs support.

I am an architect by profession, and I always try to advise clients to run their houses on solar power. One of them agreed to make the investment, but he did not see the returns as he could not sell the power back to the grid. In most cases, the individual wants to do something good, but there is minimal support from the government. There is a lack of compassion and feeling from the authorities, and sometimes we feel almost crippled and powerless.

I find it hard to understand why doesn't this effort come from the government's side for once? We are already living through an escalating water crisis, and the day is not far away when electricity cuts are going to be part of everyday life. We need people who feel for such causes, and can actually do something about it. Volunteers at Greenpeace have that passion and I sincerely hope they make the solar policy happen.

My son Vivaann loved the idea of solar cookers. He especially loved the childrens' quiz, which was highly informative on uses and facts of solar power. We need to keep the momentum going for a long term result.

The Kids who attended also had something to say about the renewable energy fair!

Kids at the RE Fair

Raunaq Lekhi

I attended the renewable energy fair in my colony recently. They had a t-shirt painting competition in which our topic was solar energy. They also had a quiz in which they asked us questions related to renewable energy. For each answer we got a gift that was a torch that worked with solar energy and after that they showed us a street play which was very informative.

Shivang Swarup

Greenpeace is helping Delhi save electricity through their renewable energy campaign. They performed a street play to tell us the advantages of solar energy; I am grateful for their initiative and hope to see more activities like this in future.

Pragyan Kumar

Switch On the Sun is a campaign by the Greenpeace organization. They also performed a street play which was done by the volunteers of the campaign. The best thing about the campaign is that it includes various activities for children like T-shirt painting, poster making for under the age of 10, a quiz. The campaign sends a message about how we can use solar panels that utilize sunlight for providing electricity. And I also learnt how coal is used in making electricity which pollutes the environment.

 Photos © Apoorv Tiwary

Surabhi Jain Pahwa is a resident of Press Enclave, Saket.

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