The extent of human activity and its resultant cost to the planet has reached dangerous levels. We have made not just our species, but all others vulnerable and exposed to the perils of our activities. Burning agricultural and other waste, construction activities, carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels, deforestation as well as others are all causes of air pollution - which has had serious consequences. Besides from giving birth to the problem, we have become so used to breathing the polluted air daily, that all we do now is just try to shrug the responsibility off our shoulders!

But I chose not to just let it go! I chose to find solutions to pollution. My experience of spreading public awareness about the Clean Air Nation campaign with Greenpeace has been enlightening. I knew I could do something. I planned to organize an exhibition of photographs of 5 families who were concerned about the air they are breathing.  And interestingly, it seemed to be a learning experience for both me as well as the families with whom I coordinated and explained the issue to.

I also calculated every member’s carbon footprint which astounded them as it crosses the viable limits. When they were faced with the fact that the extent of our doings are leading to effects – some of which are beyond human repair – they immediately showed their support for the campaign. They also pledged commitment to limit their contribution to air pollution as well as take initiatives to find solutions to it.

Families for CAN


Aishwariya Jain is a Volunteer-Intern with Greenpeace India.