Kumi Naidoo

'Clicktivism' has come of age as the digital driver of the #PowerOfWe. Malcolm Gladwell's infamous dismissal of online activism as ineffective signature gathering missed the point in 2010, when he coined the phrase; sharing information, crowd sourcing concerns and solutions are driving change and are amongst the hallmarks of campaigning 2.0.

More than two billion people have access to the Internet, apparently eight new people are getting connected every second. Roughly a billion people are on Facebook, where they like, share, debate, inform and alter decisions that are being taken about our common future.

We, at Greenpeace, no longer simply count our supporters as those who donate money. Our thinking has evolved and embraced the 'power of we'. There are millions making up the 'we' that is Greenpeace: we are staff, donators, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, online activists, grassroots activists and fellow bloggers.

To help support Blog Action Day we are giving access to entire archive of 150,000 photos and videos, for use by participants in their posts. (Instructions and terms to access Greenpeace's 150,000 photo and video archive.)

As looking through the 150,000 photos and videos might be a bit daunting to some, check out a smaller collection of 59 photos that represent what the Power of We theme picked by the Blog Action Day folks.

Blog Action Day is about celebrating the use of digital tools like blogs, social networks and mobiles. It's about people meeting online, in community halls, each other's houses and on the streets. It's about celebrating campaigning for change and many many inspirational stories. Check out the blogs and be inspired by the stories of activism at http://blogactionday.org/.