Comic-Con started as a one-day ‘minicon’ called San Diego’s Golden State Comic-Minicon, on March 21, 1970 in downtown San Diego. The success of the minicon led to the first full-fledged three-day San Diego Comic-Con also known as San Diego’s Golden State Comic-Con.

Fred Flintstone spreading awareness on Air Pollution

Comic Con India (CCI), a gathering of pop culture enthusiasts to celebrate technology, arts and entertainment, was started by Jatin Verma in February of 2011 in Delhi. Over the years since – Comic Con India has expanded to four more cities, namely Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad & Pune.

Namma Bengalureans signing petition, urging Clean Air to Breathe as their Basic Right
Comic Con India 2016 took place in ‘namma Bengaluru’ in November 2016. The interesting aspect was the different kinds of people who came, dressed like superheroes, wore a mask and most importantly carried the message – “The need for an oxygen mask and a tank”!

Event the joker thinks that Air Pollution problems are not Funny

Seeking Comic Con as a platform and opportunity to motivate everybody to act for their health and well being, Greenpeace India volunteers got on the field. They chose the menace of Air Pollution as a challenge and took upon themselves the task to sensitize the participants and visitors to Comic Con about the severity of air pollution. The volunteers wanted to spread the word before the air in Bengaluru could deteriorate further like other cities in India. Taking note of the nature of audience at the Comic Con, the volunteers engaged in several interactive ways to spread our message.

After selling Clean Air, volunteers sit together for to de brief

A team of eleven Greenpeace volunteers participated in Comic Con Bengaluru dressing themselves like superheroes and wearing masks!  They introduced themselves, interacted with Comic enthusiasts and were successfully be able strike a conversation on Air Pollution. The audience seemed very warm and accepting. The volunteers split into groups and talked to people regarding air pollution and emphasized on why everyone needs to pay more attention to it and how it can be prevented. At the end of the show, the volunteers were not only successful in sensitizing the participants and visitors on Air Pollution but were also able to motivate members (a whopping 130 plus) to sign the Clean Air Nation petition to urge the government to take measures that would result in a cleaner, safer and breathable India.

Vikrant B Singh is a volunteer with Greenpeace India.