19 September 2014


1) You're tired of paying high electricity bills and STILL don't get electricity 24x7 (common killing mosquitoes is really not as fun as you think it to be).

2) You hate having to ride around with a dupatta on your face looking like a terrorist - because the air is so polluted (we all want to look like Priyanka Chopra in the scooty pep ad).

3) You are tired of the unpredictable weather patterns thanks to climate change. (Every time you don't take an umbrella it pours cats and dogs. Yaay. Umm. No. Boo).

4) The heat God dammit. The heat. Its only getting hotter and you cant handle the giant sweat stains that adorn your clothes.

5) We are loosing bio-diversity faster than you can spell Massachusetts. (Vietnamese rhino – gone! Bali tiger – gone, Indian tiger – to be gone soon).

6) The sea levels are rising, and really it is not going to be fun building a house on top of a cliff.

7) Yes, Erin Brokovich is hot, but you really don't want to be paying for the mistakes (read disasters) big companies are making by dumping effluents into our water ways?

8) People are dying! Floods in Jammu, earthquake in Indonesia, Tsunami in Japan.

9) We have one earth and we really should be doing a better job of protecting it.

10) Because you, yes you, believe it or not, have the power to make a change.

Rohini Manohar is an outreach officer at Greenpeace India.