Sundays are my favourite days, and not for the same reason as most of you. I work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and I couldn't have been more happy. I quit my corporate job a year and half ago and followed my heart that resided in nature and wellness of our body, mind and soul.

What I love most about my work is being able to assist people get relief physically & mentally and being able to promote the amazing benefits of  completely natural potions.

Every sunday we set up a stall at this amazing natural & organic market called The Earth Collective at Asiad Village. I love interacting with customers and most of all The Earth Collective community that is working on building a better world for the future.

One of these lovely Sundays I had the chance to meet some very driven people who are a part of Greenpeace India and are working on the Go Solar initiative. It was amazing to set foot in a bus that was remodelled with Solar panels on the roof that were providing energy for a TV, an AC, a microwave, a fridge, cooler, mixer- juicer, water dispenser and a washing machine!

The Solar house on wheels

I believe we stand at a very important juncture as a race where there are some serious consequences of the way we are currently living our lives in oblivion. Like they say, the best time to plant a few trees was 10 years ago and the next best time is now. Unlike yester years, specially in India we always seem to want to be like the west and get very excited at the idea of development. But if you look at the larger picture and zoom out a little bit you will see models across the globe failing horribly on the environment front.

This is an important time for us as a race to make decisions because there is a huge array of natural options available, but we need you! The only thing missing from the equation is you, in place of criticizing the old let’s get together and build the new.

Go Solar

We are at the right place and time to bring about changes. Be sure to have an answer for your grandchildren when they ask you about how you contributed and made their lives easier. The government is offering a subsidy of 30% on solar plan installations currently. Make the change, Go Solar!


Shubhra Chaturvedi is the Co- Founder at Meraki Essentials and author of Project Liberation