Terms and Conditions for Guest Writers

Page - February 28, 2013
You can blog for Greenpeace India. Share your experiences or highlight issues you are passionate about, use this space to inspire people through words. You can send your original write-up to:

Take a look at the basic terms and conditions for getting your work published on the Greenpeace site.

Terms and Conditions for Guest Writers and Bloggers

  1. The guest writer/blogger fully understands that the article submitted by him/her to be published on this website will not be compensated for, monetarily, now or ever in the future. Only, due credit (his/her byline) will be given.
  2. The website management will not re-sell articles written by Guest Writers/Bloggers.
  3. The author is free to publish the same article any place else after it is first published on this website but after a waiting period of 48 hours from the time of publication on this website. It must be expressly mentioned in all subsequent publications of the same article/blog posts on other websites/blogs that the article/post had first appeared on www.greenpeace.org/india.
  4. All blogposts shall be published in a special section for community or guest blog posts.
  5. If the website management feels that the article can be placed in any other part of the website, it shall do so without any notice to the writer.
  6. The author will have absolutely no say in deciding/suggesting where his article will be placed. He/she, by reading these terms & conditions, and then by submitting the article, expressly waives off any right to insist on a suitable place in this website for the publication of his/her article/blogpost.
  7. The ultimate/sole liability arising out of plagiarism, even for parts of the submitted article/blogpost, rests only and only on the concerned writer. He/she shall bear singular responsibility in case of any legal proceedings in this matter.
  8. If at any point in time, the website management receives a complaint of plagiarism, and if it is ultimately convinced that it is indeed so, the said article shall be promptly removed from the website.
  9. The website management retains the right to publish/run the article/blogpost for as long as it deems fit. There is no guaranteed lock-in period or minimum/maximum period of it being online.
  10. The website management also retains the right to remove an article without giving any explanation to the writer/author.
  11. All views/opinions expressed in such guest articles will be solely those of the author/writer and NOT of this website.The writer/author shall alone be responsible for any factual errors in his/her article.If such an error is established and proved beyond doubt, the writer will be given the opportunity to immediately rectify it. If he/she does not do so, the website management retains the right to then delete the article.
  12. The website may or may not maintain an archive or Articles/blogposts bank of such guest articles.
  13. For purposes of identification to the online & offline community, a guest writer/author/blogger may announce that he is a guest writer/freelancer for this website. But he/she is not permitted to state that he/she is on the permanent staff of this website or convey, or do anything that conveys that impression. If done, this website shall not have any legal responsibility.
  14. The guest author/writer may use the name of this website and the home page URL only, for personal promotional purposes, i.e. to identify him/her as a guest writer for this website, and nothing beyond that.
  15. He/she can link from any of his/her own articles from this website to any of his/her articles on other websites/blogs. But he/she cannot deep link to other sections of this website without prior permission.
  16. The website Editors may link to other reports from the submitted article/blogpost if need be.
  17. The website management retains all right to promote the guest article or the guest author in any way it deems fit including announcing them on social networking sites or in any other form of advertisement or from any marketing platform.
  18. Because of its very nature the guest writer/blogger indemnifies the website from any potential legal liability/damage that may arise from his/her article/blogpost.
  19. The author will ensure that he has complied with all copyright issues pertaining to his article, for text, photographs, graphics and any other, before submitting it to this website.
  20. If the website feels that there could be a possible copyright violation, it will first alert the writer, and if the latter does not willing rectify the situation, the website administrator will step in and do so. In extreme cases, the entire article may be deleted from the website. The ultimate responsibility in copyright violations shall lie only and only with the writer and not on this website.
  21. The Guest Writer/Blogger shall give due credit in his article/post for any material or photo or graphic used where such is expressly required by the original copyright holders. He/she are also obliged to mention/attribute the sources of information or give backlinks in their articles, if not original.
  22. The guest author is allowed to put links in his guest article.
  23. In the interest of style, design and so on, the guest article may be styled in a particular manner, the writer should have no objection to it.
  24. The headline/slugs/photo captions will be given by the guest writers/bloggers and will not be changed except in cases of grammatical errors.
  25. (a)These terms and conditions are part of the Write for Us Page on our website.
    (b)A copy shall also be sent by e-mail to potential writers/bloggers, who shall have to acknowledge these by e-mail reply. In any case, The Guest Writer Terms and Conditions and the website Terms of Use shall be deemed as read by guest authors who go ahead and submit their articles for publication after the above 2 steps.