The other day we came across a very strange and unusual thing opposite the Cancun Mess. A lady was holding a thin branch and trying to cross the street. What is unusual about a lady crossing a street with a thin branch? Well listen to the rest of the story.

Later, when I was entering the Cancun Mess, I saw her holding the same stick with two flags on it. But it wasn’t just two flags on the same stick. It was the flag of the United States of America placed below the Earth flag.

Lady outside the Cancun mess giving the message that the planet comes before any country.We were astonished at the sight, because none of us had ever seen the US flag placed below any other flag before! She of course had found a good way of sending a message to the decision making US delegation present at the Mess.

I went up to her and asked her, “Do you know, that you can get into big trouble for doing this?” She replied humorously, “I do, but not as much trouble if the American flag was touching the ground or if it was be upside down.” I asked her if I could take a few pictures of her for my blog and spoke to her about what she was doing and why.

She told me that she is an American citizen and no one in American hoists the American flag below any other flag as it is an offense. She however wanted the delegates from USA to understand that the Earth is more important than the US or any other country in the world.

Like most of us, she too wanted them to concrete on cutting down carbon dioxide and other Greenhouse gas emissions to stop climate change. Her intention was to tell them that the Earth comes before any country and that the need of the hour is a Fair, Ambitious and Binding deal.