A lot many times we have heard and seen that the biggest setbacks come with the greatest discoveries. Energy produced by thermal power plants is one such discovery.

Kanti village in Bihar, has been adversely affected by the ash emissions from the thermal power plant. The emission is badly hampering their litchi farming. Murlidhar Sharma, one of the old farmers of Kanti told Greenpeace about the plight of the farmers who have suffered immensely because of the poisonous ash emissions, making it difficult for the farmers to earn their livelihood.

The programme at this village was attended by women from nearby area and women from a self help group of Kanti. The head of the group, Ms Parvati, spoke about the various problems that people face in their household work and also the health problems that villagers face because of the ash emissions from the plant.

The theatre yatris performed in front of the plant, in the middle of the field, under the full sun, spreading awareness about the positive aspects of renewable energy and other complications caused by conventional forms of energy. Power produced through coal or any such plants does not even give enough supply to the local residents and on top of that it destroys the environment.

With the establishment of infrastructure for renewable energy, life will become easier for everyone. It will also protect the environment for our future generations and we will be able to taste the authentic sweetness of the litchis of Bihar.