After the adventurous beginning of the yatra (journey) from Champaran, the yatris (travellers) set off for their new destination into the land of litchis. Muzaffarpur, a land famous for the sweetness of its litchi, is the largest city of north Bihar. Situated on the banks of Himalayan foot hills Someshwar range, it has won international awards for its Shahee litchi and China litchi.

On their way to Muzaffarpur, the yatris halted at three places and were greeted by the local people along with their sarpanch and mukhiya. What followed was the popular custom of Malyarpan (garlanding). After they were told about the objectives of the yatra the theatre yatris sang a song which talked about the various problems being faced as a result of power shortage and how renewable energy establishment would prove to be a boon.

The event in Muzaffarpur was organised at Ramkrishna Ashram in a green and peaceful environment of spirituality. The event began with the recitation of a Vedic mantra by Swami Susachdanandaji, the mantra explained the importance of the environment. The chief guest of the event was the secretary of the Ramkrishna Ashram, Shri Bhavatmanandaji, who explained the spiritual importance of the environment and how the protection of the environment is the responsibility of each and every individual and not just a handful of people. He said that a collective effort would make this task possible and make this world a better place to live in.

Women from the self help group Kanti also attended the programme and showed great support by signing pledges. A group of students from Heritage Girls School were also present at the event. They were there to be a part of the kranti (revolution) in their own unique manner. These students showcased models of various devices and also the functioning of these devices, which could run on solar energy. It was good to see young children becoming a part of the yatra events. They will grow up to become rational and responsible torch bearers in the future. The event came to an end with the detailed demonstration of solar gadgets and an introduction of all the yatra team members.

Greenpeace's Urja Kranti yatra (Energy Revolution journey) is all about making people aware how they can utilize these natural sources of energy without harming the environment, and ensuring a sustainable future of our planet and mankind. The yatra is an effort that will not rest unless the kranti happens and each and every household can breathe in the light of satisfaction and fulfilment.

Following the words Swami Vivekananda, “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached,” the Urja Kranti yatra will now move on to its next destination- Madhubani.