We finally reached the last stop of our yatra- Arrah. Amazing hospitality and delicious food welcomed us in Arrah. We could smell the home cooked Litti Chokha dipped in homemade ghee (Indian butter) from a distance. Elaichi (cardamom) flavoured tea, made of pure milk being served every now and then was more than enough to refresh us. On the day of the event the Dahi Chiwada (curd mixed with beaten rice) with jaggery gave some respite to our travelled and a bit troubled tummies.

The event started with the lightning of the lamp accompanied with a prayer for a better tomorrow. Along with people from other social development sectors and college students, the women’s group from Mani Pandeyji's aanganbadi training NGO were a part of the event's audience. One contesting MLA from NCP was also present at the venue and signed the political pledge with a  promise to support the campaign whether he won or lost in the coming elections.

The enthusiasm and energy level of our theatre team was at its peak as they had to perform in their native place. They all looked very happy and had also invited their family members to attend the event. The theatre group put up a very nice performance and the entire crowd seemed to completely enjoy the play. When asked about their experience, the theatre yatris said that they were completely overwhelmed with the Urja Kranti yatra and would continue to work for this cause.

With this event the yatra also came to a close. With a support of 2.5 million people and an everlasting relationship with the people and the place, Urja Kranti yatra was an amazing learning experience. Twenty ninth of October will be the final event of the yatra. The yatra might be over but the energy revolution has just begun.